Content Templates & Specification

Premios Juventud was shot for Univision in July 2011 in Miami.  The set was designed by Anthony Bishop and contained 5 different types of video elements.  Here's we'll review the interaction of three of those systems.

In this plate we see the US wall of projection surfaces that are covered with Versa Tubes as well as LED panels.  First we'll break down the projection system.

Six double stacked 1400x1050 projectors were used to cover the US wall.  I needed tools to tell the content creators how to deliver content to me as well as tools to tell the projectionist my needs for projector alignment.  Since the projection surface will not use all of the available raster, masks were needed to describe the usable raster space as well as some information about where the Versa Tubes and LED panels would block the raster.  Plus the content is broken up across three outputs, but the content creators would need tools to build content for the entire back wall as one image.

Here is the example of the Content or Raster Template for the SR Proj (with corrected LED Panel placement):

The LED panels were delivered as a separate file:

And the tubes were controlled in separate server, mostly as a solid color to compliment the two other active surfaces.

Content creators were also given this template and instructions for how to build for the entire US wall and deliver as three separate files for playback.

All of this data was compiled at one web location for review.  For access to the website, please contact me directly.