Media Services

Content Templates & Specification

Planning how video images translate from computer or camera to the scenic environment can be a complicated process, and many people are dependent on this data to do their work.  How can you create information that will serve the needs of your video engineers as well as your content creators?  Click through to see examples of my content specification.

Design Visualization

Often the 2D nature of the video raster makes it hard to convey how the video layers of a three dimensional set interact with each other.  Visualizing the set and it's video elements has become a critical element of the development process.  Using tools like d3 or Cinema 4D, or working with companies like PreLite, your set can be reviewed in 3D with all its video in place and rolling.  Click through to see examples of projects using these tools.

Please also visit my sister site, LFX|Studio for more detail about using 3D tools in the content planning process.

Content Production

I have been producing video content for shows since 2003.  My work has been seen in rock concerts, Broadway theater and many television events.  I also work with other content creators for larger and more complex projects and will provide recommendations.  A portfolio of clips is available here.

Server Programming

As covered in this site, I have worked with a number of media servers on the market.  I started programming servers in 2002.