Design Visualization

Previewing how content will play in your scenic environment is a fantastic tool for informing creative decisions.  I use 3D visualization tools for not only reviewing content, but planning projector placement and reviewing camera positions and their impact on content needs.

Cinema 4D

Here is video I prepared for Univision's Latin Grammy Awards showing the set mapped with a video content proposal:

[videofile width="480" height="370"][/videofile]

Image of set texture mapped with content delivery templates

Certainly the best part of Cinema 4D is the quality of the render output.  As long as you have a mapped 3D model of the set and your content you can create these renders.  However this is not a real-time toolset and is better suited for presentation.


Partnering with companies like Prelite, and using tools like ESP Vision, Wysiwyg, or Control Freak, you can creat a 3D working environment to build your show off site.  This workflow requires all your production tools like servers and control desks, but you can work without your physical output rig and build a full show in this environment.  You also have the advantage of including Lighting in this pre-viz work flow.

Here is a clip from the Turner Upfront 2011 presentation prepared by Tom Thompson from Prelite:

[videofile width="480" height="370"][/videofile]



d3 Designer provides a hybrid environment where you can visualize your content with their software as well as build your show control for the event with the timeline editor.  As you visualize your system, you are building your cue structure in one standalone software package.  Please visit their website for more information.

This tool was also employed for the Turner Upfront